Statement on Fraudulent Acts

Statement on Fraudulent Acts

AtlasV Global Pte. Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “AtlasV” or “we”) has recently received reports that some unscrupulous individuals have impersonated AtlasV’s staff and illegally used the names of AtlasV and/or in our other related names to contact other companies for business talks and cooperation. We uphold great importance to the above-mentioned acts, which are suspected to be fraudulent and have seriously damaged the reputation of AtlasV, and we hereby clarify that:

  1. AtlasV is a company that has developed a variety of mobile internet applications for users around the world among the global mobile internet market.
  2. AtlasV runs products such as [Vidma Editor], [ScannerLens] and [ShotCut Editor] etc. in a unified manner and does not outsource or delegate any other third party to conduct our business.
  3. We are looking forward to establishing long-term and friendly relationship with all partners. If you have any intention to cooperate, please contact us by AtlasV’s designated email address
  4. AtlasV reserves all the legal right to take legal action on any individual or organization for using the names of AtlasV and/or any other related names without our authorizaiton. 

We are highly concerned of this issue and urge all related parties to take caution.

AtlasV Global Pte. Ltd.

June 29, 2022